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[RFE] add a keyboard accelerator to select the parent element(s) of the current selection


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This rfe is about a way of selecting the parent element(s) of the current
selection. For each range in the selection, this should select the common ancestor
container of the range. I am proposing to add this behavior to the shift+Escape
key combination.

Such a feature will be very useful for CSS in Composer.
Attached patch patch v1.0 (obsolete) — Splinter Review
Easy patch for this rfe. This does exactly what I described above. It means
if you select two table cells belonging to different table rows, both rows will

be selected by shift+escape.

btw, escape alone cannot be used because it is needed for ime support.

reviews please ?
Attached patch patch v1.1Splinter Review
Solves a bug in case of non-collapsed textual selection ; adds menu items.
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I am confused about a couple of things in this patch: I am not totally sure of 
your intent so I don't know if they are problems.  In SelectParentOfSelection(), 
the isCollapsed case:  you always look at the parent of the selection start node.  
But that node might itself be an element.  For instance, if we have an <li> with 
just a br in it, and you click in it, you will get a collapsed selection whose 
parent is the li.  Don't you want to select the li if someone does shift-escape?  
The code here will select the parent list instead.  If you mean for the li to get 
selected here then I would check the selection startnode to see if it is an 
element, and only checking the parent if it isn't.

Also, the non-collapsed case QI's nodes to an element, and then *if* it succeeds 
it then checks to see if it is a text node.  Won't that always fail?  I though 
the QI to nsIDOMElement would return null if you had a text node?

hope this helps.
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