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Manual Setup is grayed out on the New Account screen. It doesn't respond when tapped. Do I need to enter something to proceed? There are no instructions on this screen.
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Andrew, this is something I noticed a while ago too. I'm needinfoing you since this might be really quick to answer verbally with no code changes needed.
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The manual setup button is gated behind the same logic that enables the "next" logic; the user's (display) name and email address must first be entered.  I don't immediately recall the rationale, if any, behind this.  All settings from the first page are propagated forward towards manual setup (but not backwards? which might have been a reason), however, and in general we want users to use autoconfig since that's the only way to cause oauth to be used and we can use the miss statistics to know what entries we need to add to the ISPDB, so I'm just going to resolve this WFM for now since the simple answer is to fill in the boxes and hit manual setup.
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Sounds fine to me.

Should I clone this to a new bug titled "Improve messaging on account creation screen to encourage autoconfig" or reopen this one and alter its title?
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I'll flip-flop a little.  Although we now have screen real-estate to add some text encouraging the user to use autoconfig (previously on 320x480 devices and before we kicked the password field off this first screen we really had no space), I'm not sure it's all that useful to add.  If we want autoconfig miss data, we can add an unchecked-by-default box to manual config labeled "Let mozilla know my domain and its server names so they can try and enable autoconfiguration for other users."

Most other things are just weird band-aids.  Like if we showed a message when the user hit manual config.  And I don't think advanced users would take kindly to being compelled to try autoconfig (although they could be pleasantly surprised!)

I'm NI'ing Juwei, the UX lead for email, in case she has any thoughts on this.
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Summary: Manual Setup button is disabled when creating a new Email Account → Don't require entry of name/email address before enabling Manual Setup button
Hiding the Continue / Manual Setup buttons until an @ sign has been typed into the email address field might solve this problem from both directions, since that removes any confusion about the "first step" when encountering the screen. (I defer to UX lead, though; my brainstorm is not backed by experience.)
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3 years ago
The initial thought is to promote autoconfig so that user can save some time to select email server or input lots of information when setting up account.
However, I also agree with you that people who want manual setup at the beginning may feel confuse about the gray out button.

I got 2 suggestions:

1. Enable "manual setup button" at the beginning. It solves all the confusion but less benefit on autoconfig and user has to input a lot of fields on manual.

2. Discard "manual setup" button totally, but only keep "Next" button.
User has to fill the name and email address so to go to next step. If autoconfig cannot recognize the account, the screen direct user to manual setup page.

I also Like Richard's suggestion, however, we don't have such user behaviour across other apps so I wouldn't recommend to do it now...

Let me know your thoughts, thanks.
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