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[Meta] Quarterly goals for Logviewer [Q3 15']


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This represents ongoing quarterly improvements for Logviewer. Bugs will be added/removed/fixed as blockers through each quarter and this bug Summary adjusted each interval. First up is Q3 15'.
Depends on: 1067000
Depends on: 1092209
Depends on: 1174277
Depends on: 1087578
Depends on: 1182068
OS: Unspecified → All
Hardware: Unspecified → All
Depends on: 1179337
Depends on: 1102851
Depends on: 1183847
Depends on: 1183854
Depends on: 1183872
Depends on: 1183880
Depends on: 1189475
Depends on: 1189479
Depends on: 1189481
Depends on: 1189482
Depends on: 1077338
Depends on: 1192195
Depends on: 1192198
Depends on: 1192917
Depends on: 1193216
Depends on: 1193222
Depends on: 1189498
Depends on: 1192199
Depends on: 1198507
Depends on: 1198856
Depends on: 1199659
Depends on: 1201235
No longer depends on: 1198856
So we're calling these Q3 goals done. The remaining bits of 1067000 1102851 can be carried forward if needed in a new meta, or this meta can be repurposed as a Q(n) for new Logviewer goals going forward.

:goma is nearly done bug 1108764, so we can call this a finished Q3 goal also.
:goma's line highlighting and line linking in logviewer bug 1108764 was landed yesterday, verified on stage, and will be on production after the next push.
Closed: 6 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
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