Search UI: remove doc icon for small-medium viewport sizes on search results page



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Search results demonstrating doc icon to left of each result

* recommendation based on user testing with Command & Query search prototype

The doc icon displayed at the beginning/left of each search result was originally intended to identify a particular doc type. This was meant to identify this type of result when there were multiple types of results displayed (e.g., code snippet, demo, image, video, etc). At the moment there is only one type of result possible. Therefore, the intended purpose of this icon is also not possible. 

Removing the icon will cut down visual noise on this page and simplify our results display, especially for users with small-to medium viewport sizes. We also discussed that for large viewport sizes, this is not as important of an issue. 
(TBD: define what viewport size is the threshold for allowing the icon to be displayed)


4 years ago
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Mentor: shobson
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