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DOM peer commit hook doesn't accept r=foo,r=webidlpeer


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I had this problem in bug 1180921 (see bug 1180921 comment 33). The string in [1] looks like it at least tries to handle this case, at least.

Oh look, more one-off code that does reviewer parsing. We should consolidate around, as that is what's used in MozReview, web view, mozext, etc.
hghooks: use in (bug 1182642)

The prevent_webidl_changes hook had its own custom way of scraping out
commit reviewers, which doesn't work in certain cases.

We already have, so lets just use it instead.
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For whatever reason, I'm unable to run ./create-test-environment, so I have no idea if this works or not.

If anyone knows how to deal with the following error, I'm all ears:
  The repository located at is not a trusted or secure host and is being ignored. If this repository is available via HTTPS it is recommended to use HTTPS instead, otherwise you may silence this warning and allow it anyways with '--trusted-host'.
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MozReview Request: hghooks: use in (bug 1182642)

While this patch will get the job done, unfortunately, we can't import mozautomation from the hooks because its directory isn't importable. We can't even easily do hacks like look for ../../pylib/mozautomation because the hooks are run out of various directories on the server machine. Well, we could hard-code some paths. But it is very hacky and prone to breakage. And...

I've been working on establishing a more unified environment on the servers for executing hooks. If you wait a few weeks, we can potentially take this patch as is.

If this fix is urgent, we can always copy the mozautomation code for commit message parsing into this hook and clean it up later. I hate DRY violations. But given the state the server is in, I prefer it.
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