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Steps to reproduce:

Log out of bugzilla.  Go to the main bugzilla page in any web browser (Chrome, FireFox, IE12). Click "Log In". The top line changes and you can supply your email address and password. Then click the "Log In" button or press enter. Note that you cannot click the "Log In" button unless you complete these two fields.

Actual results:

You get a web browser window that reads "Bugzilla - Log in to Bugzilla". On this page you have to enter you email address and password again, and click "Log in" and only then will you be logged in.

Expected results:

After entering your email address and password on the main bugzilla page and clicked "Log In", you should be logged in. Why do you get the second page where you have to enter them again?

Comment 1

3 years ago
This is with Bugzilla 5.0, running under Apache 2.2, Perl 5.20, on Windows 8.1. But we also have this issue with Bugzilla 4.x running on entirely different servers.

I doubt it is a cookie issue, as once our users are logged in, they remain logged in, even if they start a new session.

But the users always ask: Why do I need to log in twice?

Comment 2

3 years ago
This is a support question. Please visit for help.

I think you have your urlbase and/or cookiepath parameters incorrectly set, or you edited them and your web browser still has old login cookies in cache, which conflict with the new ones, triggering the 2nd login page.
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