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create treeherder updater component


(Taskcluster :: Services, defect)

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(Reporter: pmoore, Assigned: garndt)



(Whiteboard: taskcluster-q32015-meeting)

As part 2) of bug 1181979 we want to create a specialised component for providing treeherder updates. See bug 1181979 for more information. This bug is to track the initial development of the treeherder updater component.
This already exists... It's called taskcluster-treeherder.
But it needs to be updated with the code from mozilla-taskcluster, and the race condition to create
the result-set needs to be resolved.
FYI, garndt and I have a meeting about this on Monday, it's open, but I think pmoore is PTO... Anyways, we'll talk wednesday..
Whiteboard: taskcluster-q32015-meeting
This should use treeherder pulse ingestion..
camd is main author of that format.

Note: result-set creation will no longer be an issue. As we just submit job updates...
Depends on: 1199291
Cam - are you picking this one up?
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I've been creating this and working closely with camd on the treeherder side.  I'll take this bug and keep it updated.
Flags: needinfo?(cdawson)
Assignee: nobody → garndt
Component: Integration → Platform and Services
This has been deployed and treeherder staging has been consuming from the pulse messages.
Closed: 8 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
\o/ thanks garndt!
Component: Platform and Services → Services
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