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With more than one tab queued, system notification opens Fennec into Tabs Tray


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Bug 1145581 added a feature where tapping on the "waiting tabs" notification opens Fennec and displays the Tab Tray, if more than one tab is queued.

I have been using tab queues for a while and I find this behavior annoying and makes Fennec seem broken. Tabs Tray is not a good UI to open Fennec into. I thought the issue was a bug until Anthony told me it was deliberate.

Maybe we can get this added to any UR we intend to do on Tab Queues.
I haven't tapped this notification myself, but when queuing tabs and opening Fennec, it can be confusing to know which tabs are your new ones vs. old ones that were hanging around.

Maybe opening the tabs tray directly isn't the right way to address this, but I wonder if we've spent time thinking about how we can help people understand which of their tabs are the new ones.
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