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temporarily prevent Nightly and Aurora from updating past the builds from July 14th


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10:59 < jrmuizel> can we block updates on nightly and aurora?
10:59 -!- JoeS is now known as JoeS1_QA
11:00 < catlee> bhearsum: ^^
11:00 <~bhearsum> on it
11:00 <~bhearsum> jrmuizel: is yesterday's nightly safe to point at?
11:01 < jrmuizel> bhearsum: the 14th is fine
11:01 < jrmuizel> bhearsum: the 15th is bad
11:01 <~bhearsum> k
11:01 <~bhearsum> okay, done

I've pointed both these channels at the nightlies from July 14th for now.
The reason for this is bug 1159751 which causes is black listed machines on Windows 7 to crash on startup on
That should be bug 1184539
Depends on: 1184539
Why should we do that and not just instead do the backout and do another round of build, which people then update to? That's the usual thing we do and I already pinged RyanVM on #developers that we probably want that (he can do it), he just needs the word from someone like Bas or you.
At Ryan's urging I updated this to be Windows-only. When we're ready to repoint Windows updates at latest, we should delete the override rules I added. They both specify "Windows" in the OS Version field, and have priority set to 95.
Updates are (finally) turned back on for Windows.
Closed: 6 years ago
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Component: General Automation → General
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