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Suggestions for Localization Guide page


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I tried following the instructions on and here are some comment on that.

Where it says the following i would like the next lines to be indented:
On Windows:
   ... indented
On Mac:
   ... indented
On Linux/Unix:
   ... indented

So the following line with "Once you have opened a terminal, naviga..." does not appear to be part of "On Linux/Unix:".

Also the part where it says "python ab-CD" maybe it should include info about what python version can be used and what version can't be used, because it works with python 2.7.10 on my computer, but fails using python 3.4.3 with this error message:

python.exe da-DK
  File "", line 43
    print 'ERROR: Directory %s not found.' % value
SyntaxError: Missing parentheses in call to 'print'

I wanted to test my translation as written in "5. Test out your localization", but when i open the XPI in Firefox 39.0, Firefox says it is not compatible, because in install.rdf is says : "<em:maxVersion>19.0a1</em:maxVersion>".

Also i wanted to test my translation in the standalone ChatZilla (ChatZilla on XULRunner) but it does not say how to test it in that program.

And maybe is would be a good idea to add information/links near the top of the page so people what see what languages ChatZilla have been translated to, so people can know if it have already been translated or someone else is working on translating into a specific language.
in install.rdf use : "<em:maxVersion>*</em:maxVersion>" for testing
Do i change to "<em:maxVersion>*</em:maxVersion>" i \locales\generic\install.rdf only ?

Maybe this should be mentioned on the page.

The ChatZilla xpi file from have "<em:maxVersion>35.*</em:maxVersion>" but Firefox does not complain about not being compatible, even though Firefox is a higher version (Firefox 39.0).
I've just done a bit of a re-write of the localization guide at but didn't check this bug first - I think some of it is covered but not all.
"For example, French would likely use 'fr-FR'." could be on new line.
Maybe add list of all the language currently translated so people can see more example and perhaps a link to website where people can look up they language code.

Maybe it would look better if everything after a <h*> is indented:

Instead of:
2. Make locale directory

To get started on your...

2. Make locale directory

    To get started on your...

In "to have a link added to the official homepage" perhaps make "official homepage" into a link to the front page (// so people can see links to the other languages.

It says "Bundling your localization with SeaMonkey".
But how about "Bundling your localization with ChatZilla"?
I would think it would be a much better idea to have the translation built-in ChatZilla instead of having to download seperately, but i have already suggested that. But even if you don't want to bundle the translations with ChatZilla you could still add "Bundling your localization with ChatZilla" to the page and tell why the translations are not bundlet with ChatZilla.
I think there is stille missing info about what to write at:

    locale.version = 0.9.92.x

    const __cz_version   = "0.9.92.x";
    const __cz_locale    = "0.9.92.x";

Could we have the version just one place instead of multiple places?
How come one is called locale.version and then the other are version and locale. Its confusing and i don't know what to write.

Missing info about what to write (so we can have consistant names), search for the translations on and see how different they are:
    em:name="ChatZilla (@MOZ_LANG_TITLE@) Language Pack"

I think complained about not having this, not sure:

Would like to know what type to use:
        2 Extensions
        4 Themes
        8 Locale
    Type 2 asks browser to restart.
    Type 8 does not ask to restart. Even though the new translation does not get loaded before a restart.

Maybe missing info about (but properly just need to change in source translation):
    ffversion = '*'
    smversion = '*'

Still missing info about what Python version to use. If only 2.7 works then write that and write that 3.5 does not work. If that is still the case.

Also please add info on how not to use jar file. will complain about use of jar file.
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