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XML file for mail domains

Please note, this is not or! We're a way smaller company in the US.
Hello and thank you for the proposed ISPDB entry!

Our favored approach for autoconfiguration/the ISPDB is for ISPs to self-host their config entries by hosting the file themselves (as described at at one of:
- https://autoconfig.MAILDOMAIN (and for legacy purposes http://autoconfig.MAILDOMAIN)
- https://MAILDOMAIN/.well-known/autoconfig/ (and for legacy purposes http://MAILDOMAIN/.well-known/autoconfig)

The autoconfig process has MX lookup heuristics, so in the case of your entries here which all have MX records pointing to, you would only need to stand up the file for

Is this something feasible for you to do?

Explanation: Our primary concern is over configuration churn and review burden of the ISPDB, particularly bit-rot of entries hosted at the ISPDB.  What we definitely don't want is autoconfig using outdated settings and failing or resulting in weirder behaviour (ex: it looks like you changed from gmail to outlook hosting for and that may do weird things for users).  If a configuration changes, we currently have no good way to detect this ourselves, and so it basically requires you to file another bug to get things corrected and review that.  Which has a non-zero cost for both us and for you; although creating the bugzilla account and figuring out how to file the bug may be the worst of it!  Our goal is making it easy for people to set up their email accounts, so we don't want to be unreasonable here, just request that you strongly consider hosting yourself.  Thanks!
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 Has Configuration server (self-hosted config)
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