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[Windows 10] Caption buttons not visible on dark lightweight themes.


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Windows 10
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I know bug 1184934 exists, but this bug here could be used for a interim fix for FX 40 to not force other bugs to open about this issue when FX 40 is released.

I propose to use now the inverted versions of the caption glyphs and highlight the button shape on hover.

The attached screenshot shows on top the caption buttons on normal state and below the minimize- and close button hovered.

Stephen, what do you think about this approach?
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The patch for this changes.
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I recommend you to wait for bug 1184325 first, as some actual white variants (not using HighlightText) are going to be added.
For this I had not asked for review. Shorlander's n-i is to check if we can go the way how the buttons are highlighted on hover.
I don't think we need to pursue multiple approaches in parallel -- bug 1184934 will fix this the intended way, and it's on the shortlist of stuff we want to get into 40. And as comment 2 notes, devtools is already doing an inverted flavor of these icons.

Simple color changes are not really a great solution for LWTs, though. The theme image can be arbitrarily noisy, or may be significantly darker/lighter than average in the spot underneath these buttons.

If something disastrous happens and we can't get 1184934 into 40, then we can consider this as a Plan B.
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