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Whitelist MSE for BBC


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BBC is using MSE for prototypes on which should work on Firefox but don't due to the MSE whitelist. Adding BBC to the whitelist should give us several great use cases for MSE before disabling the whitelist.
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Hi - I'm one of the developers working on MSE support at the BBC. We're happy for this to go ahead (and were planning to create this bug ourselves shortly).

There are three domains that would need to have MSE enabled, which are:
Please note that the prototype on Taster at the quoted URL uses live streams and they do not appear to play in FF. This is related to bug

On-demand assets play really well.
We've removed the whitelist in Firefox 42.
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As discussed with Jean-Yves, we are happy to support both implementations of MSE in FF and would like the domains listed in comment #1 to be added to the whitelist for FF41.
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If this is a wildcard/end match, then is fine and probably nicer :)
this is conflicting information with comment 1.

is and still in use?
For the period between FF41 and 42, I don't believe so - if you could add to be safe that would be good, but originally suggesting was unnecessary - that's a JS library that's loaded by pages on
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[MSE] Whitelist BBC.

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[Feature/regressing bug #]: None per say
[User impact if declined]: No HTML5 with BBC
[Describe test coverage new/current, TreeHerder]: local test.
[Risks and why]: Extremely low, just adding two domains to whitelist
[String/UUID change made/needed]: none

Decisions has been made to enable HTML5/MSE with BBC domain into 41.

42 and new do not use a whitelist has MSE has been enabled for everyone.
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[MSE] Whitelist BBC.

Sounds like a good idea. Beta+
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