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Get Licensing signoff on using newer React.js versions after 0.12.0 due to changed license


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In bug 1033784 we got approval for using react.js version 0.10.0 with a Apache license, and landed it in bug 1033841.

When react released 0.12.0, Facebook changed the license it was released with to BSD (from apache):

Unfortunately, in landing the upgrade in bug 1096399 we totally missed spotting the license change and getting re-approval. This landed for Fx37.

Therefore we're post-requesting approval. I suspect we may need an about:license update as well. NI to gerv to take a look at this.
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If possible, I'd like to have this finished this week. We have been blocked on this for other work.
Yes, this license is fine. If we ship React in Firefox / Fennec, we need to add the React BSD license (not the patent stuff) to about:license in the normal way.

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Great, thanks gerv! Mark do you know how to add a license to about:license?
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(In reply to James Long (:jlongster) from comment #3)
> Great, thanks gerv! Mark do you know how to add a license to about:license?

James: it's very straightforward, and just involves making a change to toolkit/content/license.html.  See the patch in bug 1176280 if you want to have a run at it.
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(That patch is an example where I'm a different license).
Depends on: 1190440
I've just filed bug 1190440 for the license addition. Marking this as fixed as we have approval per comment 2.
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