Creating better support experience for Sync users /Adding a Support button to the Sync Page




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Original idea: To create a better support experience for users who are having issues with sync, or receiving an error message that is not actionable ("Unknown Sync Error") a tool to gather all the needed information for the issue would be a nice solution. 

The needed information that is currently lacking: 
1. suffice sync logs around the time the problem occurred
2. A more visible/easy way to turn on and collect logs and put them in a pastebin or another destination?
3. Create a sumo support flow that would create a ticket in this category
4. Steps to reproduce
5. Current sync settings (all about config entries for sync or services....)
Summary: Adding a Support button to the Sync Page → Creating better support experience for Sync users /Adding a Support button to the Sync Page
Depends on: 1220926
The next steps here are to ask the privacy team on what data can/cannot be collected and what would need to be sanitized if a user were to agree to trust Mozilla with that information: 

1. Sync log in about:sync-log
 @ckarlof I do not have specific data known to be sanitized/anon, but would like to request insight here. 

2. Sync Settings exposed via bug  1220926

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Depends on: 1233825
Mark, could you please help Rachel with this request?
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I think a reasonable first-cut might be to scan the logs for "error" records and submit them - this might, in some cases, reveal some PII - for example, it may include the URLs of bookmarks that failed to apply - however, it would be very unlikely to contain all their bookmarks or browsing data, and often would not include any.

On the other side, there's also a risk that this would not give enough information for us to diagnose the problem the user is happening, so it seems like this might still be a worthwhile first-cut and we can aggressively check the submitted reports for PII and usefulness and see what further steps we can take.

Rachel, are you able to drive the conversation with the privacy team?
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NI: PM to consider this feature request
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