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Missing max width for search suggestions on about:home and about:newtab


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Steps to reproduce:
1. Open about:home or about:newtab in Firefox Nightly (here: 2015-07-21).
2. Type a very long search term into the search input that is longer than the input field itself.
3. Press the search button or the enter key so that the input gets added to the search suggestions.
4. Go back to about:home/about:newtab and type the beginning of the previously entered search term so that it appears within the suggestions below.

Expected result:
Because the suggested search term is longer than the input field, the suggestion should be cut off.

Actual result:
The suggestions box grows according to the suggestions length. This breaks the design and does not correspond to the search bars behavior.

(It could be intended behavior, but the visual design looks like it wasn't.)
Thanks for filing this.
Just wanted to note here that this bug exists in the old UI as well. We probably want to truncate long suggestions with an ellipsis. Stephen, can you confirm?
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Duplicate of this bug: 1188782
(In reply to Nihanth Subramanya [:nhnt11] from comment #1)
> We probably want to truncate long suggestions with an ellipsis.

Yes, that's what the search bar suggestion panel does.

Actually, we probably don't want to have the panel expend at all based on the size of the text content. Having it expand dynamically could cause interesting complications with the layout of the one-off engine icons when these were previously displayed on more than one line.
Attached patch WIPSplinter Review
This WIP mostly fixes the bug, but the width of the suggestions list sub-table is off by 2px for some reason, and I don't yet know the reason for needing to subtract 22px from the input box's width when setting the width of the table.
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nhnt11, what's the status of this bug? Is it an activity stream bug now? The recently filed bug 1478048 looks a lot like a duplicate.
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Pfff, forgot about this one. This is a content search bug, the fix should go in browser/base/content/contentSearchUI.css. As for bug 1478048, the description in that bug suggests that the dropdown isn't being shown at all, which I can't reproduce. Not sure if it's the same bug. It does sound related though. Let me see if I can resurrect this patch, thanks for bringing it to my attention.
Update: I just saw the screencast in bug 1478048, and it seems like it is indeed a dupe of this bug. I will update that bug accordingly.
Another update: bug 1478048 also highlights another issue that is separate from the missing max-width issue. I'm going to leave things the way they are. The summary on that bug still makes sense.
(In reply to Florian Quèze [:florian] from comment #6)
> Is it an activity stream bug now?

I realized I didn't answer this. I believe Activity Stream is the only consumer of content search at this point, so maybe they can allocate time for this.
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Duplicate of this bug: 1388575
Duplicate of this bug: 1601892
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I've lost context.

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