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"cached" of transferredSize in netmonitor cannot be localized


(DevTools :: Netmonitor, defect, minor)

40 Branch
Not set


(firefox39 unaffected, firefox40- wontfix, firefox41 wontfix, firefox42 fixed)

Firefox 42
Tracking Status
firefox39 --- unaffected
firefox40 - wontfix
firefox41 --- wontfix
firefox42 --- fixed


(Reporter: yfdyh000, Assigned: yfdyh000)


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[Tracking Requested - why for this release]:
Sorry but this is too late for 40...
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patch v1

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Looks good, Yang -- thank you for the patch!
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Keywords: checkin-needed
Closed: 4 years ago
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Target Milestone: --- → Firefox 42
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patch v1

Approval Request Comment
[Feature/regressing bug #]: bug 764958
[User impact if declined]: a English string maybe shows to non-English developers.
[Describe test coverage new/current, TreeHerder]:
[Risks and why]: Low, just a new string.
[String/UUID change made/needed]: a new string.
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Axel, can you take a look at this patch? I've been told to run any string changes by you before I approve. Can you please comment if you have any concerns on the patch? Thanks.
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TBH, I don't do approvals, relman does, and should fight back on string changes.

"Just a string in devtools" isn't a strong rationale in my book, so I wouldn't take this.

Also, says this is on since April, can't be all that bad.
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I appreciate your thoughts on these matters which is why I asked. I agree that RelMan makes a final call.

I think your observation is correct that this issue has been in two past releases so it can easily ride the trains.
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patch v1

We typically do not take string changes during Aurora and Beta cycle. Also, given that we have lived with this issue for two releases, we can just let this one ride the trains. 

Also note this fix which is in FF42 will be on Aurora channel in a week.
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Okay, I understand, thank you all.
Product: Firefox → DevTools
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