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Tile title bar enhancements


(Firefox :: New Tab Page, defect)

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Firefox 42
43.1 - Aug 24
Tracking Status
firefox42 --- affected
firefox43 --- fixed


(Reporter: kghim, Assigned: mzhilyaev)


(Blocks 1 open bug)


(Whiteboard: [story])


(4 files, 1 obsolete file)

Story bug for UI enhancements for tile title bar on new tab. 
- 1px outline around the edges of the title bar
- thin line on the top of the title bar
- inclusion of fav icon

Aaron, please attach spec sheet.
Attached file NT-URL_bar_UI_V1.pdf
Specs attached!
Whiteboard: [story]
Blocks: 1192057
No longer blocks: 1176364
Assignee: nobody → mzhilyaev
Iteration: --- → 42.3 - Aug 10
Target Milestone: --- → Firefox 42
For the tile rollover title bar, there should be a 1 pixel white rule that separate the title bar from the tile background.
title bar color changes on rollover will be handled in the bug as well.
Bug# 1188015 will be just for setting partner provided BG color.
Attached patch Wrong path - ignore (obsolete) — Splinter Review
Attachment #8648035 - Flags: review?(msamuel)
Attachment #8648035 - Attachment description: v1. cosmetics → Wrong path - ignore
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Attachment #8648035 - Flags: review?(msamuel)
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Blocks: Sprint_CS_S1
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Attached image tile.png
Attached image tile_hover.png
The attached patch looks good to me. Aaron can you take a look at the two attached screenshots to confirm the styles look correct?

Note: The favicon portion of this bug is separate: bug 1158856
Flags: needinfo?(athornburgh)
Yes, these are correct. Thank you!
Flags: needinfo?(athornburgh)
Attachment #8648044 - Flags: review?(msamuel) → review+
No longer blocks: Sprint_CS_S1
Iteration: 42.3 - Aug 10 → 43.1 - Aug 24
Points: --- → 2
Depends on: 1197510
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