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Figure out a good way to handle the tab audio playing icon in the face of tab overflows


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Right now, if a tab that has been overflown away plays audio, the icon is not present on the screen.  We may want to fix that somehow...
See Also: → 1189759
Perhaps an icon similar to the one on pinned tabs could appear on the overflow arrow buttons in the tab bar.
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We decided that this shouldn't block shipping given that bug 1189759 does.
No longer blocks: tab-sound-indicator
Some mockup ideas from shorlander:
Clearing old needinfo request. Please re-request or redirect if it is still pertinent.
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This is not fully baked, but something we discussed was adding a separate menu that contains all of the tabs playing audio. This would cover the cases of hidden tabs that are playing audio and tabs in other windows that might be playing audio.
I don't mean to annoy but 3 years is too long for this one, the tab audio indicator feature is incomplete until this is implemented. This one is definitely the way to go especially because I remember reading last year that Microsoft intends to put audio indicators in the taskbar soon
This really shouldn't be on the back burner, can this get some attention please?
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Also, (and I acknowledge this isn't a super common scenario) you should be able to mute all tabs that are off screen just by clicking the button. That way, the user doesn't have to scroll over and find the tab that's playing audio, then mute it. Muting off-screen tabs will always be just 1 click away! I made a mockup of what that would look like during cursor hover.

(If a pinned tab is playing audio, you can do that in the current shipping Firefox, so it makes sense to do this)

Where can I find the codebase (or how can I search for it myself) pertaining to this particular issue (so the lines that govern the tab bar, icons, etc.)?

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