Incomplete versions can hide entries pending review from queue



3 years ago
3 years ago


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3 years ago
The AVG Web Tuneup add-on had a pretty strange situation that I discovered today. They had a version pending review (full review, unlisted). Then they tried to submit newer versions, but for whatever reason those versions failed to upload, so they ended up with two empty versions (no files on them).

The end result is that the developer page for the add-on said the add-on was Awaiting Full Review, but didn't say anything about its queue position. The old version was still pending review, but it wasn't showing up in the queue at all. Even if it did show up, it's likely that the reviewer page wouldn't have worked correctly, since the latest version wasn't pending review.

I think the correct solution here is to check our upload failure cases and avoid creating empty versions, since they are essentially useless.


3 years ago
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