Can't scroll down while selecting when the window is maximized vertically




3 years ago
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3 years ago
I'm amazed I didn't notice before, but it turns out it happens both on Gtk+2 and Gtk+3 builds, and has been happening since at least 38 (which is the earliest I checked with). Maybe something changed in gnome-shell or X recently?

I'm not sure this is the right component, but it's certainly a good starting point

STR, under gnome shell:
- maximize the window vertically either by maximizing it completely (meta-up) or tiling on half the screen (meta-left or meta-right)
- open a web page that spans over more than the vertical size of the window ( does it for me)
- start selecting text somewhere in the page and try to select past the last line displayed, to select more text than is displayed

Expected result:
- View scrolls down and more text is selected

Actual result:
- Nothing happens. You get stuck.

If the window is not maximized, your mouse cursor goes below the window and scrolling happens. Selecting up scrolls too.


2 years ago
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