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automatically rename the attachment file names when saving them


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Steps to reproduce:

I saved 1 or several attachment to disk.

Actual results:

By default the file names of the attachments are used when saving to disk.

When saving 1 file at a time : the attachment name of the message is proposed into a dialog.

When saving all files at a time : the files are saved with the name that is used inside the message.

Expected results:

I would like to specify a list of replacement pattern to be applied to each file name that is saved to the disk.

In my case, I would like any diacritic to be replaced by its standard character replacement (i.e. : é è ê ë -> e). My organisation forbids the use of diacritics into file names.
Thanks for sharing your idea. 
The idea would likely only be useful for a small amount of users. It could become an extension or add-on which would be provided by third party developers instead. Hence proposing WONTFIX for the native application.
Severity: normal → enhancement
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