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regression, testcase

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3 years ago
+++ This bug was initially created as a clone of Bug #1143570 +++

Steps to reproduce:
1. Either install the addon from bug 1143570 comment #19, compose a message in plain text mode, or open SeaMonkey composer and select the HTML source tab.
2. Insert some text with multiple whitespace.  In the case of the HTML source tab, the indentation counts, but you could also use spaces to align a column of numbers, or double-space after a full stop.
3. Copy the text that includes the multiple whitespace to the clipboard.
4. Use Notepad to examine the contents of the clipboard.

Expected results: Newlines, tabs and spaces copy as-is, as if the source was a textarea.

Actual results: All whitespace copies as a single space, with the following exceptions:
If the whitespace includes at least one newline, then it copies as the same number of newlines and no spaces or tabs.
If the first character in the selection is a tab, then the indentation copies as a tab, even if the first line consists only of whitespace.

(The Blocking indication is a guess.)
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