Mozilla eating up memory, problems with Flash. Firefox used to be great, now it is terrible




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Steps to reproduce:

Just opening Firefox and it is using 269 meg of memory, on a clean machine. This is very unsatisfactory. Of the 3 browsers on my machine only firefox has this behavior. When is the firefox team is going to release an efficient browser again. firefox used to be an outstanding browser, now it is just terrible. Opening IE uses 59 meg of memory. What is wrong with firefox, one should not have to tweak settings on a clean install. this is just bad. I just have to stop using firefox until the Mozilla team fixes it

Expected results:

It should not use 250 meg of memory with only one tab open
Yes, 250 meg with one tab open should not normally happen. It would depend on what content is being viewed, but if Firefox is using more memory than other browsers loading the exact same site it's a problem.

You can see the current numbers we're measuring here:

(note that they're not close to that number)

The following URL has some relevant information on reporting memory problems (it's about leaks rather than overall usage but the principles are similar):

If you can provide a URL where you can reproduce this problem across browsers this has a better chance of being addressed.
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Attaching an about:memory report would be very useful as well as the pasting the output from about:support. You can also try running in safe mode to see if a bad profile or extensions are causing the issue.

You can get more details on about:memory here:
Marking incomplete due to lack of response from the reporter. Please reopen if you have the data asked for in comment 2. Thank you.
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