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WebIDE project panel doesn't remove placeholder icon or text when adding a new app


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When we first add a project in WebIDE, it seems like the project panel in the sidebar doesn't realize it has successfully grabbed the project icon. It loads a placeholder icon, a span tag with '--', and the application icon. (See screenshot attachment projectAddedToWebIDE)

If you close WebIDE and reopen it, the problem is resolved. The placeholder icon and span tag are gone, and it shows just the application icon and name. (attachment projectExistsInWebIDE)
Assignee: nobody → bstoroz
Summary: WebIDE project panel can't detect project icon when first adding it to sidebar → WebIDE project panel doesn't remove placeholder icon or text when adding a new app
Attached patch removePlaceholderContent.patch (obsolete) — Splinter Review
The issue seems to be caused by calling the `_renderProjectItem` method several times when adding a new app.  It looks like some of the repetitiveness is meant to maintain support for the drop-down panels that the sidebars are replacing, but 4 times is a little excessive...

Previously the code accounted for missing name & icon properties by falling back to default values (the placeholder content) and rendering the project item anyway. 

But right beneath that we're doing another check for those same missing properties to use as an indicator of whether or not the app has been validated and its information is available

This causes the new project item to be rendered with both the placeholder content, and the app information once it's available.

In my patch I changed this conditional to check for the existence of a `validationStatus` property. It seems to always be undefined until the new application has gone through validation and its information is stored. This makes sure `_renderProjectItem` is only called once the application information is available.

Another possible solution is just checking for the existence of those child elements in the project item node, and replacing their textContent instead of appending new ones on the subsequent call to `_renderProjectItem`
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Review of attachment 8644472 [details] [diff] [review]:

I think the fix you have here seems fine to me, but it would also be nice to make `_renderProjectItem` more robust, so it can't cause these issues in the first place.

So, maybe do this *and* something like the alternative?  It could fix up existing child elements, or it could start by removing all children and always appending new ones.

::: browser/devtools/webide/modules/project-list.js
@@ +349,5 @@
>                icon: project.icon
>              });
>            });
>          }
> +        else {

Nit: DevTools style uses } else {

You can set up ESLint to warn for style things[1].

Attachment #8644472 - Flags: feedback?(jryans) → feedback+
Added a check for the panel child elements before creating new ones in `renderProjectItem` and fixed coding style nit.
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Great, thanks for working on this!
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I believe you'll need to include a try run before the sheriffs will land this.
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