Fix the exposure of Push interfaces

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(Reporter: Ehsan, Assigned: Ehsan)


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Currently we don't check the dom.push.enabled pref in some cases for
some of these interfaces.  This patch unifies how all of these
interfaces are exposed to Window, Worker, and ServiceWorker.
Over to Doug for the push specific review, and to Boris for the test_interfaces changes.
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Josh, can you please see if this patch fixes the issues you were seeing?
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Fix the exposure of Push interfaces

r=me on the IDL and test_*interfaces changes.
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Fix the exposure of Push interfaces

Review of attachment 8639484 [details] [diff] [review]:

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Things are way more broken than I realized.  :(  We don't even build dom/push on b2g, so the Enabled method cannot live there.
I will fold this into the previous patch before landing.
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Part 2: Move PushManager::Enabled() to nsContentUtils to make things build on b2g

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Doug, why is push enabled/disabled based on MOZ_WIDGET_GONK and MOZ_WIDGET_ANDROID and not MOZ_B2G and ANDROID?
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If I'm guessing the intention behind hiding this API correctly, this should be the correct way to expose it only to desktop.  This passes the Mulet tests, and makes the API unavailable there, similar to b2g.
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(Note that this patch bounced on inbound earlier today because of test failures on Mulet: <>)
(In reply to Josh Matthews [:jdm] from comment #14)

That doesn't build.
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Fix the exposure of Push interfaces

Nikhil, can you please help review the all.js changes?
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Part 1 and part 2 gave me a green try build, so I'm happy.
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eshan: copy and paste.
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