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Remove unused code for temporarily overriding Active Mixed Content blocking


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We currently have a button for temporarily disabling active content blocking for a session, but haven't included it in the mocks. We should update the mocks to include whatever UI that should be.
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Switching this needinfo to Tanvi - she wants to check with Chrome to see why they don't block active mixed content by default (and therefore don't show UI for enabling/disabling active mixed content). Pending that info, we should check with Product to see if we want to do this or not.

In any case, if we decide not to expose this override UI, we should remove the override code.
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I talked to Chrome folks.
Android: Mixed Active Content is blocked and there is no override.  They launched the feature without an override and didn't have demand for it so they didn't add one.

iOS: Mixed Active Content is loaded by default in iOS 8 and below.  This is because of the limitations they ahve developing on iOS.  They said that will change in iOS 9.

Safari on iOS and Mac does not block Mixed Active Content.

We should now check with product to see if we need to continue providing the Mixed Content Blocker override on fennec, or if we can remove it.  Chenxia, do you want to start an email thread with Javaun?
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From talking to bbermes, we aren't going to be including the UI for temporarily disabling Active Mixed Content in 42 or 43.

Renaming this bug to reflect code removal changes instead.
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Summary: Include UI for disabling Active Mixed Content for a session → Remove unused code for temporarily overriding Active Mixed Content blocking
tl;dr; Although we aren't going to include the mixed content blocking override button in Fennec today, we may need it in the future.  Please consider this when deciding what code to remove.

Right now Mixed Content falls into two categories:
1) Blockable - Firefox blocks by default (aka mixed active content)
2) Optionally blockable - Firefox loads by default but degrades the security UI in the control center. (aka mixed display content)

With the items in the blockable category today, we see that the override button is not clicked very often in desktop.  Overtime, we'd like all types of mixed content to be in the blockable category.  As we add more to the blockable category, we will see spikes in blockable content numbers.  Websites will adapt and fix their sites, but it may take time.  During these intervals, we may need to bring back the override in Fennec and make it more visible in Desktop.  So that users have a way to recover from breakage and don't switch user agents.

I just landed a patch to make ping and beacon blockable -  I don't anticipate that this will cause much breakage.

We are considering making requests made by plugins blockable -  Fortunately, this probably won't affect fennec since it doesn't load plugins.

At some point still far in the future, we will consider blocking the last two types remaining in the optionally blockable category - media (<audio> <video>) and images.
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