After updating to Firefox 39 version sync keeps disconnecting




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Windows 7

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Steps to reproduce:

Updated my Firefox from 29 to 39 version. For more screenshots please see topic

Actual results:

everytime I close and open Firefox browser it disconnects me from Firefox Sync( on 3 different computers )

Expected results:

Sync be connected all the time


4 years ago
Component: Untriaged → Sync
OS: Unspecified → Windows 7
Hardware: Unspecified → x86_64
Thanks for the report! Would it be possible for you to attached a few of the most recent "error" logs from about:sync-log?
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user supplied error log
Anton, do you have your browser configured to clear saved passwords on exit? 

We have a bug with that, and have removed the ability to do that in future Firefox versions:

If you don't want passwords saved, it's sufficient to just disable the Password Manager and Sync will work properly.
Can you please visit about:config and find the value for the preference "privacy.clearOnShutdown.passwords" - if that is true it would explain the problem as the Sync credentials are being deleted at shutdown.

If that's false, can you please visit about:preferences#security, hit the "Saved Passwords" entry and see if there is a "chrome://FirefoxAccounts" entry there, both when you get the initial error and immediately after re-entering your password.  (Please don't paste the contents of that entry into a bug, as it holds the "keys" necessary to get at your Sync data)

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Privacy Settings
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4 years ago
Hello Chris,

Yes I do, but I don't really use that option, I prefer Sticky Passwords instead, I'll try to untick that then 

please see attached screenshot with the rest of my settings(privacy) if you need

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4 years ago
Hi again guys,

that has helped, thanks a lot to both.

Is there a simple fix like this for the Firefox Pocket option? When you get signed out every single time you restart Firefox?

IIRC the pocket integration uses a cookie on for authentication, do you have some customized cookie settings that might explain this?  (That's just a guess, based on bits of the pocket integration code I happened to be perusing)

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4 years ago
ok I see how it works now, thanks a lot for your help, this is now fixed

Thanks to all, this ticket can be now closed

Have a nice day
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