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Register Firefox for Android as a handler for SVG files


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Steps to reproduce:

I use ES File Explorer.  I have both Firefox 38 and Firefox Beta 40.  But when I try to open a SVG file from ES, it doesn't have a way to open it.  It would appear neither version of Firefox is registered as able to open SVG files in Android.

You might want to check all the supported file types.

Actual results:

Firefox doesn't appear to be able to open local SVG files from a file browser.

Expected results:

File browsers should be able to use Firefox to open SVG files.
If I'm correct (I'm not sure if that's all that has to be done, but on my phone it works), these two lines added in AndroidManifest do the trick.
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LGTM, but I want Mike to double check this change.
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Looks good to me!

I haven't done much digging into how we handle opening Intents but because nothing has changed, I'd expect this to just work.
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Seems like we forgot to actually check this in...
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The patch works with ES File Explorer, but not for the internal file manager on Android M, so this needs a little more investigation.
... which is basically bug 1406903, as ES File Explorer uses file://, while the internal file manager uses content://
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Register Firefox for Android as a handler for SVG files. r=mcomella
Bug 1188927 - Register Firefox for Android as a handler for SVG files. r=mcomella
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