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[meta] Convert GeckoEvent to native methods


(Firefox for Android :: General, defect)

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firefox42 --- affected


(Reporter: jchen, Unassigned)



(Keywords: meta)

GeckoEvent is a big Java object that, for a particular event, contains many unnecessary fields. On the C++ side, it corresponds to AndroidGeckoEvent which is a giant blob of manual JNI code.

I think we'll fix a lot of these problems if we convert events to native methods: one native method for each event with parameters for that event.

One issue will be dealing with events sent before Gecko is loaded, and I have an idea of using Java proxy objects to "save" the native method calls until Gecko is loaded.
Depends on: 1188961
Depends on: 1200343
Depends on: 1200426
Depends on: 1210585
Depends on: 1243070
Depends on: 1257319
Depends on: 1260243
Depends on: 1283844
Depends on: 1283882
Depends on: 1283888
Depends on: 1285570
Depends on: 1285572
Depends on: 1286662
Depends on: 1286663
Depends on: 1286925
Depends on: 1288821
Depends on: 1288834
Depends on: 1288838
Depends on: 1289208
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