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prototype some Fancy Suggestions


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- Using Yahoo as the first supported search provider for 'fancy suggestions', integrate into Yahoo's suggestions to quickly display some 'rich' suggestions as opposed to just text  

- Implementation could then be suggested (haha) to other search providers with whom we have relationships  

**User Stories:**

- As a user, I want to search more effortlessly and have the results I'm looking for show up faster, especially on mobile so I don't have to type much.  

  - AC: Relevant rich suggestions are displayed at the same speed as text-based suggestions for the user to tap on for more information  

**Additional Info:**

- It is expected that there will be some client-side work to implement a search provider's way of providing fancy suggestions  

- Speed is the biggest concern and will likely be the focus for Acceptance of this feature.
NI-ing Kev to get us to the next step.
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Attaching last mock we came up with in the workshop for context.
Waiting on a couple procedural items to clear with other side. Hope to have an update tomorrow, and will keep the NI flag set.
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Any updates on this Kev?
Yup, waiting on availability from people. Hope to have something set up late this week early next. Will send invites via email no later than wed.
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please be sure to include me on that invite when you hear back. Thank you
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poke poke?
I understand that kev has transitioned roles. Barbara, who's handling mobile search going forward?
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I didn't know that -- let me check with Kar (NI her)
Flags: needinfo?(bbermes) → needinfo?(krudnitski)
ally - he's still our prime. I'll send you a note with info we discussed (on this particular topic) in today's product meeting.
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CCing Nick Chapman, who might have thoughts around some small search experiments we could add to Fancy Suggestions
This bug is morphing into a experimental prototype bug because things remain too fuzzy. Margaret is fond of ' a prototype is worth a thousand meetings', so let's see how many thousands of meetings we can spare ourselves. :)

I understand that research points to weather as being a prominent thing people search for that could land itself to richer suggestions.
Summary: Fancy Suggestions → prototype some Fancy Suggestions
Anthony added a mock for Weather, which looks pretty good, but if we are going to create a small API for a general "smart suggestion", we might want a different approach, especially to just get started.

What if we create an entire row dedicated to the suggestion, not part of the current SearchEngineRow? We could expect a service to return: Title, URL, Excerpt and Image - but the Excerpt and Image might be treated as optional. What would such a row look like?
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