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POP3 only: The password dialog shows up unnecessarily


(SeaMonkey :: MailNews: Message Display, defect, P3, major)

Windows NT


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(Reporter: momoi, Assigned: mscott)


** Observed with 8/13/99 Win32 build **

I noticed that starting several days ago, I'm now asked to
enter a POP3 password via a dialog when I press "Get Msg"
button. This, even though I have a prefs.js line with the
password specified in it.
The worse thing is that it almost never works even if I enter
the corect password. If I don't cancel the first time
I'm asked, the whole apprunner freezes and I have to quit
and re-start. So I use the workaround suggested in
Bug 11470. But even when I enter the correct password and
then press OK the next time, I'm rarely able to download
a few new msgs. When I do get them, it downloads all the
previous msgs --> Bug 11895.

I think the password prefs.js will have to go eventually, but
at this point, it should work. So my question is why is the
password dialog coming up when the password is already in the
Assignee: phil → mscott
reassigning to mscott.
Target Milestone: M10
Because we shouldn't have the password preference there at all. My password
dialog work now no longer reads in your clear text password at all.

By forcing people to use the dialog we are getting lots of bugs on the dialog
people (which is a good thing because this dialog code has been under-used so

We've got 3 or 4 bugs floating around out here tracking them. I'll try to
scrounge up bug numbers for them. If you have a new problem that isn't tracked
in those, let's get another bug to track it.

But as far as using the clear text password pref, we want to be weaning
ourselves away from that so I'm not going to go back in and add that code back.
I'd like to use these problems to  put pressue on the dialog people to get these
bugs worked out instead.

You should only be prompted for your pop password the first time during the
session for a particular account. We remember it and won't prompt again.

Once I post the bug numbers for the password dialog bugs, I'd like to mark this
as wont fix.
"Wontfix" is OK as long as the paasword dialg works as you describe.
For some reason on Friday last week, I was getting prompted for
password every time I engaged "Get Msgs" button.
I re-tried 8/13/99 Win32 build this morning after throwing away,
popstet.dat and rebuilding the Inbox file from scratch.
Now I don't get prompted after I first supply the password.
QA Contact: lchiang → esther
Kat, is it okay with you if I mark this as won't fix then? Is it behaving okay
for you in the current builds?
Closed: 21 years ago
Resolution: --- → WORKSFORME
Please do. It seems that the problem I described went on only a few
builds but seems OK now.
Verified as Worksforme for this scenario, the password dialog only come up when
necessary (POP).  Note: there are other password dialog bugs that have specific
cases similiar to, but not exactly like this one.  If this should become a
problem again a new bug will be logged.
Product: Browser → Seamonkey
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