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[Meta] Expose or create stats to support self-repair awesomeness


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Goals: one of more of:

- notify users when they have badly performing addons
- be able to tie user satisfaction with firefox to ABSOLUTE measures of performance
- be able to tie user satisfaction with firefox to RELATIVE (to computer specs) measures of performance

Suggestions:  expose one or more of:

- a js (chrome-priv) summary of   {computer: {...awesome?},  performance: {ok...}} sort of things
- a server, or list of Known Janky Addons.  (could be determined using automated tests, and built into the service)
- some service to test / record network speed?

A lot of this requires some heuristic guess and check work.  

- fears about privacy
- fears of running expensive client code (especially on bad machines)

Methods here are pretty open.  

Extra Stuff:
- please, super please version the client service, and take a few iterations / variations, rather than trying to get it right the first time.
Summary: Expose Or create stats to support self-repair awesomeness → [Meta] Expose or create stats to support self-repair awesomeness
So, it sounds like this could be broken up as follows:
- an API on top of PerformanceStats that classifies the performance of an add-on (or, well, anything) as good/bad (we already have that in aboutPerformance.js, so it's a matter of extracting it);
- an API on top of that to be informed when a bad add-ons has been notified (kind of what AddonWatcher.jsm does already, except as an API rather than a notification);
- a knowledge base of "janky" add-ons (kind of what's displayed at!cumulative=0&end_date=2015-06-29&max_channel_version=nightly%252F41&measure=GC_MS&min_channel_version=nightly%252F38&product=Firefox&sanitize=1&start_date=2015-05-11&table=0&trim=1&use_submission_date=0, except as an API – which I think we already have, btw);
- an API to measure the performance of the computer (which we don't have yet, afaict).

Those sound sensible to me.  I am not sure what 'measures performance' actually entails, but ideas welcome.

It would be nice to end up being able to day:

- hey user, these factors (these three addons, your cable provider, your junk laptop video card) are making the interwebs terrible.  [fix it all]
- hey mozilla, people on terrible machiness are super bummed.
Bug 1186491 should provide for 1/ and 2/ of comment 1.

For 3/ of comment 1, you'll have to talk to someone dealing with Telemetry, e.g. Roberto Vitillo.

For 4/ of comment 1, as well as for comment 2/, we could upload a general "content process jank" and "parent process jank" Telemetry data and correlate this with Telemetry with the hardware configuration. Would that sound ok to you?
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No longer depends on: 1190142
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about:performance is being redesigned; mass closing the bugs related to parts of the current about:performance page that we are not keeping.

Our goals with the redesign are to reduce the overhead caused by having the page opened, increase the reliability of the displayed information, and make the offered information actionable for most users. The back-end work is being tracked in bug 1419681.
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