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(Reporter: mathjazz, Assigned: safwan)


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4 years ago
While most (all?) projects at Mozilla and localization tools keep Serbian (Cyrillic) locale files in a folder called "sr", SUMO calls it "sr_Cyrl":

Please rename "sr_Cyrl" to "sr" in SVN. This step is required to complete the migration of Serbian localization team from Verbatim to Pontoon.

Simply renaming the folder will prevent translations from showing up on the SUMO website (see bug 1105223), so you'll probably have to update where you pick translations from, too.


4 years ago
Assignee: nobody → mdziewonski

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4 years ago
Hi Mike,

I found the following instances of "sr-Cyrl" in Kitsune:

Most of these are present in migration files - one does not simply touch these (Mordor or not), so I'll leave those untouched.

The other files are:
kitsune/lib/languages.json - looks easy
kitsune/sumo/tests/ - looks easy
kitsune/ - looks easy
scripts/schema.sql - not sure about this one, as it includes the following:

(183,'Can delete sr-CYRL locale documents',31,'delete_document_sr-CYRL'),(184,'Can delete sr-LATN locale documents',31,'delete_document_sr-LATN')

I guess I should edit only the sr-CYRL one and delete the other (sr-LATN)?

Also, I can put a PR with changes to "sr" for Kitsune on github, but I assume the SVN changes will depend on you?

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4 years ago
Vesper, thanks for looking into that!

I can take care of the SVN changes, too (after Kitsune is updated).
Another problem here is that we use the locale code in a lot of places for documents, questions, user profiles, etc. Just renaming the locale won't change all those values, which will confuse a lot of things.

I also seem to remember that we have done a change like this before. I think sr -> sr_Cyrl, and it caused some strange problems. I'd like to look into this more to know for sure what kind of effect renaming the locale will have.
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Aha, I found it. In bug 920922, we removed sr-Latn. We also change the casing of the locales from sr-CYRL and sr-LATN to sr-Cyrl and sr-Latn in bug 851207.

I think we should study the pull requests and reviews in those two bugs to make the pull request for this bug better.

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4 years ago
I'm unassigning this one from myself, then. Definitely a bit too much for my linguistic mind at this stage ;-)
Assignee: mdziewonski → nobody
Safwan filed a PR for this, which has been reviewed and tested on stage. I think we are ready to go

Matjaz: Can we coordinate changing the directory name and deploying the new code? That way we can minimize the amount of time that sr/sr-Cyrl users get an unlocalized site.
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4 years ago
Cool! I'm available tomorrow 10am - 8pm UTC.
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Cool. Can we shoot for 5pm UTC?

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4 years ago
Deal. I'll be in #sumo.
We renamed the directory in svn, updated Verbatim, and deployed the new code. Everything looks to have gone over smoothly. I think we're done here, thanks everyone!
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4 years ago
Forgot to assign Myslef! ;-)
Assignee: nobody → safwan.rahman15

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4 years ago
Thank you for sorting this one out in record time!
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