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Initial Questions:

Project/Feature Name: Compatibility Data Project Lead
Tracking  ID:
Browser compatibility tables are one of the key feature of MDN and allows users to access accurate data about reliability of features across browsers. Currently, the data are gathered and maintained "by hand". This model is not sustainable as the number of technologies is growing as well as the complexity of the implementation. MDN is falling behind other, competitive sites which offer less comprehensive, but more updated, information. The Browser Compatibility Data project is designed to address these difficulties and help the MDN stay up to date and relevant, as well as providing greater access to the data outside of the MDN website. The Compatibility Data Project Lead will provide leadership and oversight of the development, report on the status, and make sure correct people are involved in decision making and review. The CDPL may also help work on the project code with the development team, as needed. 

The project is intended to cover the following goals:
Improving the quality and display of data across all of MDN
Allow compatibility data to scale technically with a proper data schema
Allow simple and complex compatibility data to be properly display in a responsive environment
Easing data contribution
Allow (and automate) massive data contribution
Allow easier individual  contribution
Allow in-site contribution
*  Easing access to data
* Provide a way to allow third party tools or web sites to use MDN data
* Allow importation of data from third party resources

The project currently is under development, but requires project management and oversight of the design and delivery of code and communications about the project(s) status. 
Additional Information:

Key Initiative: Business Support
Release Date: 2016-01-29
Project Status: launched
Mozilla Data: No
Mozilla Related: MDN
Separate Party: Yes
Type of Relationship: Vendor/Services
Data Access: No
Privacy Policy: 
Vendor Cost: > $25,000
Depends on: 1190577

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Bug 1190577 - Legal Review: Renoir Boulanger - Compatibility Data Project Lead
Bug 1190578 - Finance Review: Compatibility Data Project Lead


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Depends on: 1190578


3 years ago
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