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Error running talos


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I get this log running python using the latest tip of talos.
this looks like our unintentional dependencies on odd packages.  There is a patch to remove this dependency, I suspect it is ready to land. :parkouss, let me know what I can do to help get the mozlog removal patch landed :)
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It's on try in bug 1189714, we should be able to land that soon.
Depends on: 1189714
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See Also: → 1189847
This should be better now - Benoit, can you confirm ?
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Doesn't appear to be as of b6589aef27a5.
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Indeed, there are other errors now. mozlog is required everywhere, and with >= VERSION. As mozversion 3.0 is available but not compatible with the talos dependencies, this ends up in a mess.

We should update our dependencies of talos to the latest versions of mozbase.
Depends on: 1190265
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As a temporary workaround, we could apply that patch. This give us time to fix dependencies issues and should allow trys to work also.

jmaher, do you mind pushing this to a simple try (just to check that mozdevice==0.29) is available on internal pypi ?

With this patch, it works well locally for me now.
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this looks great and a reasonable fix.  We do need to test this carefully on try.
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Some errors on try, because mozdevice 0.29 not in internal pypi. :) So I asked on rely, what is available is here:

so I updated to use mozdevice==0.40 and re-run failed jobs (20).
asked on #releng*
Running pretty good so far, except for g2 tests that are busted again.

Benoit, could that be a side effect of a6529a8 or 582072d ?
updating the patch to make it works locally and on try (this is what was tested on try).

I think we are good to land this now.
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Soory no, we should not. mozdevice 0.40 requires mozlog 3.0, so it fails locally. I have to find another one.
If I require mozdevice==0.26, I get:

pkg_resources.VersionConflict: (mozdevice 0.26 (/home/jp/dev/talos/venv2/lib/python2.7/site-packages), Requirement.parse('mozdevice>=0.29'))

If I require mozdevice==0.40 or no mozdevice, we have mozlog errors, and there is no other versions in internal pypi so I am a bit blocked.

Let's wait for talos to use new packages, that will fix everything. In the mean time I updated mozversion to not require mozdevice (bug 1189847). It is already on pypi, but not on internal packages. We are waiting some marionette packages with whimboo to ask internal mirroring (multiple packages in one go).

So, forget about the patch here - talos local is broken until that. Note that you should be able to run:

python talso/ directly as a temporary workaround.
landed this temporary dependency fix on the talos branch:
FYI: I have one of the version posted after Comment 4 locally and it works.
ok, this is working good and deployed!
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FYI, now the mozbase dependencies have been updated with bug 1190265, so should be good without local patches now. :)
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