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[mozrunner] should we make mozdevice an optional dependency of mozrunner ?


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It appears that in some cases (eg firefox-ui-tests, marionette for desktop) mozdevice is not required. Still it is a hard dependency of mozrunner, so it is installed anyway.

We could:
 1) make mozdevice an optional dependency of mozrunner (e.g., requiring "mozrunner[device]" to get mozrunner with mozdevice)
 2) make mozrunner[device] an optional dependency of marionette (maybe name it marionette[device] ?)

We need to be sure that point 2 can be achieved I thin it is possible with something like:

# of marionette client
    extras_require={'device': ['mozrunner[device]']},

but this has to be tested to be sure.

See for reference.
If the above works, I kinda like that proposal. If we do it keep in mind that consumers of mozdevice will have to be notified. It's a breaking change.
Unfortunately this does not work (I tried with latest pypi).

When the dependency is in install_requires and extras_require, the extra is not applied even when it contains sub-extra - this ends up with "pip install marionette[device]" not installing mozrunner[device] but mozrunner only.

I also tried this syntax:

        '': ['mozrunner'],
        'device': ['mozrunner[device]']},

But not working either. this time the "pip install mozregression" does not require mozrunner at all, but "pip install marionette[device]" works.

This may be a pip bug, I am thinking about reporting it.

But anyway I suspect it won't be applicable here for us, as even if this get fixed into pip this would mean force a minimal pip version for users. Another option may be to write some (probably ugly) patch in the of marionette to make this works - or just close this bug as WONTFIX if you don't think it worth the cost.
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