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Mute tab audio sometimes renders pinned tabs unclickable


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Firefox 42
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firefox42 --- fixed


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Sorry, I do not know how to reproduce this bug, but I am not the only one to experience it.

Sometimes in a pinned tab, if I mute the audio using the icon in the tab, afterwards I am unable to select the pinned tab. The only way to open it is to select the tab using keyboard commands.
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Sevaan, are you at the office?  Any chance you could show me in person how you interact with muted tabs, so that I can try to see if I can figure out why this happens?  Thanks!
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Sorry, Ehsan. I'm in YVR at the moment.

I've been trying all sorts of things to replicate but am having a hard time. Will keep playing and let you know if anything arises.
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No probs!

Can you maybe describe roughly what you do? Like how many windows and tabs and pinned tabs you have open?  What are the websites?  Does this happen when the tab is in foreground or background?  Really anything can help.  :-)

I can reproduce it now. Try this:

1. Open a new tab
2. Go to YouTube and play the video (
3. Pin the tab.
4. Mute the audio using the indicator in the tab
5. Wait for the video to finish playing (you can skip to a few seconds near the end)
6. Click on another tab
7. Unmute the audio indicator of the YouTube tab when the video has finished playing.
8. User cannot click on pinned tab now.

The problem has to do with the unmuting of a pinned tab that is no longer playing any audio.
Fantastic!  I can reproduce now.
Assignee: nobody → ehsan
This bug happens becuase when toggleMuteAudio() is called from the click
handler for the tab, we remove the muted attribute during unmuting,
which makes the element display:none.  Therefore, when the mouse pointer
leaves that region, there is no element to receive the mouseout event
and as a result, the _overPlayingIcon variable stays true, which means
we stop tab switching in the mousedown handler.
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