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Sort out tbbuild and tbbuild/buildbotcustom repos


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tbbuild and tbbuild/buildbotcustom are existing Mercurial repositories.

The tbbuild repository is empty. I don't know why it exists and suspect it can be deleted.

The tbbuild/buildbotcustom repo hasn't been pushed to since October 2011. Further, I don't believe the hgweb configuration actually allows access to this repo. fails because the WSGI configuration doesn't list it. Also, nested repositories is just wonky and shouldn't be supported.

What should we do with these repos?

(You can `hg clone ssh://` to access that repo if you want to poke around.)
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I sadly know nothing about these repos, perhaps jcranmer or standard8 do.
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I suspect these were either clones of the build/ versions originally used when we had a separate  build infra. I think they can just be deleted, there's unlikely to be anything we need there now.
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hgmo: remove tbbuild (bug 1192006); r?hwine

These repos are apparently not used and offer little to no value by
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MozReview Request: hgmo: remove tbbuild (bug 1192006); r?hwine

nit: redo summary/commit message to something like "remove tbbuild from web view" - I kept looking for something dealing with the physical repos :)

speaking of which, we should develop a process for archiving such repos. We have a spot where the cvs & bzr repos went. We may want to continue that practice.
Will deploy this shortly.
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And I moved /repo/hg/mozilla/tbbuild to /repo/hg/dead_repositories on hgssh. Having the repo linger on hgweb machines is tolerable.
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