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3 years ago
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3 years ago
Now that dxr apparently indexes every revision and supports permalinking we should add a link to it from the file view.

E.g, on:

Add a link to:

A gotcha is that dxr can take awhile to index, so until that happens the links will 404.

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3 years ago
This is a low-hanging fruit. Basically copying the approach we took for Treeherder URLs.

ErikRose: are all mozilla-central revisions available in DXR? Or did you e.g. only start indexing after a specific commit?
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3 years ago
Actually, not super low hanging fruit since Mercurial doesn't provide an obvious place to extend the templates for files. Still doable though.
Greg: all the revisions from the beginning of time up until the latest index are available. (Right now, trees that involve a long build process, like moz-central, are built every 6 hours, and others are built more often or are triggered by VCS commits.) We don't actually index each revision--they're not available for searching--but we pull from a local hg checkout in realtime.
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