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Fix some names in and about SliceBudget for sanity


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1) We frequently call SliceBudgets on the stack |sliceBudget|. The name of the default time budget, however, is (GCRuntime::)sliceBudget, which is highly confusing to read. I've renamed the default time budget to defaultTimeBudget_, which makes everything much nicer.

2) SliceBudget::Unlimited is the same for both work and time budgets. This is not that big of a head-scratcher, but I still thought it would be worth giving these unique names.
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The default SliceBudget constructor gives an unlimited budget. It is easy to forget that the "default" constructed budget is not the same as the default budget that we actually use for GC (10ms or 40ms). To make this clearer, I've hidden the default constructor to force all users to instead construct with SliceBudget::unlimited(), so it's clear what you're getting in all cases.
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And the gecko changes required to use SliceBudget::unlimited().
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It is a little uglier, but on the other hand it is less magical.
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Yeah, nicer to be explicit about this.

I have mixed feelings about using auto here: using SliceBudget twice would be redundant, but in theory SliceBudget::unlimited() could return something other than a SliceBudget, e.g. an unlimited TimeBudget to initialize a budget somewhere down the line. I don't feel strongly about it though.
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::: js/src/jsgc.cpp
@@ +1502,5 @@
>                          availableChunks(lock).count() +
>                          emptyChunks(lock).count());
> +        MOZ_RELEASE_ASSERT(defaultTimeBudget_ < UINT32_MAX);
> +        return Max(0U, uint32_t(defaultTimeBudget_));

It's not obvious what's going on here.  Maybe something more like the inverse of the set code above, e.g.:

if (defaultTimeBudget_ == SliceBudget::UnlimitedTimeBudget) {
  return 0;
} else {
  return uint32_t(defaultTimeBudget_);
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