GPS position watch doesn't get updated when GPS signal returns after being lost




3 years ago
2 years ago


(Reporter: Harald, Unassigned)



Gonk (Firefox OS)

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3 years ago
TomTom saw this behavior while testing the app on the road using a Flame 1.3 and 2.0.

"If we lose GPS signal for a long time, like in a tunnel and when GPS signal returns the position is never updated again through navigator. The position watch stays active but the position never gets updated again when GPS signal returns."

This is blocking their turn-by-turn navigation feature.

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3 years ago
ni? doug as he is subject-matter expert I know about geolocation.
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3 years ago
Help from Vishy to find ni?. This is a bad bug that might not have been found because we are not developing and testing our own maps app.
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3 years ago
Can't repro.
Just tested this on Flame with m-c build. This is using the mozilla geo stack, using the 'Geoloc' engineering build test app which has a watchPosition() test. Stuck the phone in the dryer -not running :)- where I know no GPS signal is reaching the device, and pulled it out after a minute or so and GPS watchPosition updates continued. Confirmed geolocation was non-network geolocation based on accuracy reported <30m.

May be a QC geo stack bug. Adding qawanted to see if we can get this checked on a Flame with QC geo/ril modules.
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3 years ago
This was tested on a Flame 1.3.

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3 years ago
harald is tom tom still seeing this behavior?
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3 years ago
   Can we test this scenario on Flame with QC Geolocation stack? From Garvan's comment 3 it was not reproducible on latest Master with Moz Geolocation stack.
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Flame 1.3 has old code and geolocation has changed since then.
We need to test on a newer build.  I haven't seen this on the newer builds as of yet.  

Still testing when I can on this scenario.

Fred, please use an aries or flame device with the newer 2.6 builds on it please.
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2 years ago
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Last Resolved: 2 years ago
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