Firefox Developer Edition (41) grows in memory steadily, becomes super slow over time




3 years ago
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3 years ago
I always use Developer Edition (FDE) as default browser. Been using 41 for over a month now.

About once a week, it starts to become super slow. Scrolling is slow, right clicking takes very long to display the contextual menu. Even typing text in edit form is slow (like you type and it may take a couple of seconds for the characters you just type to appear).

So far, I had blamed 10.10 as everything seems to slow down a bit; and I simply used to reboot.

But yesterday, rather than rebooting 10.10, I simply closed FDE and waited a few minutes. Activity Monitor showed after a while that over 15GB of memory got freed, and the system became responsive again.

So it turned out, it was FDE that made my system slow.

I have no slouch machine.
It's a mac pro, with 32GB of RAM and 8x3GHz Cores.

I will submit more information once I have reach a state where 41 becomes once again unusable.

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3 years ago
It's been 6 months - are you still seeing this? Is there something useful we can poke at like a profile of it janking particularly bad, about:memory reports, that kind of thing?

(dunking this in ::Untriaged so it doesn't get lost again)
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3 years ago
I can't say that I've noticed this issue anymore.

I will look more closely and reopen it if required
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