!seen command should look past nick changes to the last message



3 years ago
3 years ago


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Firefox Tracking Flags

(firefox43 affected)




3 years ago
I use an IRC bouncer that sets my nick to heycam|away when I disconnect.  I'd like to say a message in a channel such that !seen would repeat it, and then disconnect from my bouncer.

*type "I'll be on PTO tomorrow"*

  <heycam> I'll be on PTO tomorrow

*disconnect from my bouncer*

  heycam has become heycam|away

*someone wants to know where I am*

  <someone> !seen heycam
  <firebot> heycam was last seen XXX changing nick to heycam|away

I'd like firebot to instead say something like:

  <firebot> heycam was last seen YYY saying "I'll be on PTO tomorrow" and later changing nick to heycam|away
firebot is currently in maintenance mode, so i'm not taking feature requests right now.
i am working on a rewrite of firebot using poe::irc instead of mozbot.

once that's closer to ready i plan on sorting out existing requests and migrating them to github for tracking if they aren't immediately implemented in the rewrite.

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3 years ago
Sounds good.
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