Increase log retention for FTP "tinderbox-builds" to 4 months



3 years ago
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3 years ago
Treeherder will show jobs for 4-month-old jobs, and one can open the log viewer for them, which leads to the the log viewer display small parts of the log that can't be expanded because the FTP doesn't have the logs anymore. The retention should be the same for both.

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3 years ago
eg for:

This used to be longer than 30 days - has this recently regressed?
See Also: → bug 1192019

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3 years ago
Actually, I presume this is wontfix and the real solution is bug 1192019?
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3 years ago
Summary: Increase log retention for "tinderbox-builds" to 4 months → Increase log retention for FTP "tinderbox-builds" to 4 months
We haven't discussed carrying over retention for the S3 system yet. I'll need to do a quick calculation on how much extra space we'd need in the old system to see if this is doable before the transition.
firefox/tinderbox-builds has ~705G of logs for 30 days, so call it 2.8T for 4 months. That seems like a lot, got any arguments on how often we need to go back that far ?  In the meantime you can get ~6 months of logs at

In the long run I think we're better off uploading logs to taskcluster along side the builds, and when everything runs in TC it'll be there natively.
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AFAIK we stopped deleting files from archive.m.o
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