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Add getUserMedia constraints tests for bug 1191298

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WebRTC: Audio/Video
2 years ago
12 days ago


(Reporter: jesup, Assigned: ng, NeedInfo)


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2 years ago
Add tests for the case in bug 1191298.  This requires support in the fake cameras/loopback devices on the testers so this can be testable (bug 1088621).


2 years ago
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Priority: P1 → P2
I'm much more comfortable with this being a P1 -- to get tests in (whether they are unit tests or mochitests).  I'd be fine with writing unit tests now to bridge the gap until we have support on the testers to write mochitests.
Rank: 25 → 15
Priority: P2 → P1
Jan-Ivar - how hard would it be to add constraints to the fake devices, or to write a unit test (that has to run on a machine with real audio/video hardware)?

Assigning to Jan-Ivar for now
Assignee: nobody → jib
Flags: needinfo?(jib)
I should be able to make them pretend to have capabilities fairly quickly. Whether the resulting output actually changes we'll have to see how easy/useful that is.
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That's Bug 1088621 btw, which this bug depends on (I thought I was commenting on that one).
Assignee: jib → ngrunbaum
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3 months ago
Assignee: ngrunbaum → na-g

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3 months ago
Is still relevant?
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Mass change P1->P2 to align with new Mozilla triage process
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