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Steps to reproduce:

I downloaded 6 videos. They are all encoded the same way . They are 1080p60 and playable everywhere on every browser but when embedded in my site , my two last videos stay at 360p even if I have a very good bandwith . 

Actual results:

Only when embedded , my last videos stays at 360p . My oldest videos are correctly embedded and all other browsers ( even Internet Explorer which is in theory the worst one ) run my videos perfectly. It's scandalous I will have to inform those who watch my site that Firefox are unable to deliver something that works normally . I can say your company will possibly cost me a job because of all it's bugs . How do you want me to explain that half of my videos are stucked in 360p ? They will think I'm a stupid guy as a video creator.... .  :(

Expected results:

The video should be embedded and play in 1080p60 like other videos (with same encoding) I previously posted on Youtube. All browsers are OK instead of Firefox and I can't tell to people to not watch my CV on Firefox. Imagine how it looks to get a job ? It would look non professionnal . I hate this browser and I'm sorry of that because I always told you were the best before this **** HTML5 integration full of bugs and the Embedded 360p professionnal videos on the quickest connexion . It's revolting. I got to give news to the welfare


3 years ago
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3 years ago
Could you provide the URL of your website or a testcase with some videos?
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3 years ago
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3 years ago
In addition, could you test with a fresh profile:
Marc-André, are these embedded YouTube videos? This problem sounds like bug 1198062.
Component: Audio/Video → Audio/Video: Playback
Depends on: 1198062
Marc-André, can you still reproduce this bug? YouTube fixed bug 1198062 on their side, which probably fixed this bug.
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3 years ago
Pardon me for the long delay of response , I had a lot of **** things to deal with . Yes I've noticed one of my video is now embedded in 1080p60 but the other doesn't . Maybe I should re-upload. The last I uploaded is correctly embed . I'll try to re-upload this one that still doesn't work and be back to tell you the results. This Website is hosted at home so it may run a little slowly ...  but here is the link :

Still jammed in 360p . :(
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3 years ago
Indeed, 360p only offered for the embedded video, but on YT website, 720p60 and 1080p60 are available.
I believe this is a YouTube bug because I get 360p in Chrome, Safari, IE, and Edge. I will pass this information on to YouTube.
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3 years ago
It'S strange . In my case , the bug happens only in Firefox when embedded . I'll try to re-upload tonight
YouTube says this is a server side issue at YouTube.  Fix committed for the next YouTube push, targeted tomorrow.

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3 years ago
I don't know for you but since I re-uploaded the video, everything is fine ! So I guess the bug had to do with the uploading/encoding part on the youtube server , not the reading part on the client's side or the Firefox navigator and I think that it already has been solved by Youtube. Because there was an error in uploading/encoding , the correction can only be seen on re-uploaded videos. If all of you can watch it at 1080p60 , I guess the bug will be solved. I'm happy I seen it quickly. I wouldn't want to re-upload 10 or 16 videos .... so for those who didn't see it for weeks , I guess Youtube is still working on a solution without having to make them re-upload all the videos.

Comment 11

3 years ago
I'm pretty sure the bug began as they were switching from flash to HTML5 officially. They made a lot of changes in the code .....
Thanks for testing, Marc-André. YouTube said they fixed something on their side. :)
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