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Steps to reproduce:

I tried this in both chrome and firefox

While filing a bug, I wanted to have an empty cc list.

Actual results:

I could set 1, or many ccs, but could not see how to set 'none'

Expected results:

I would have hoped to see a "none" entry at the top of the list, or to be able to click on the sole selected entry and have it deselect, but neither was a workable solution.

It;'s entirely possible that I have failed to understand why I shouldn't be able to do this, or how to achieve it, but I'm not completely stupid, and if I can fail to do so, others will.

Comment 1

3 years ago
I guess you have the 'usemenuforusers' parameter turned on, else you wouldn't see any list at all. In that case, you just have to Ctrl+click the users you want to deselect. That's the usual way to do it in multi-select boxes.
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Comment 2

3 years ago
OK, I looked at this again. I was seeing the issue, but I didn't appreciate how I'd got there!

The cc list comes up initially with no-one selected, which is great.

The issue is that if you once select any entry ( or set of entries ) and highlight it, I can't see how to return it to the "nothing selected" state. No amount of clicking or double-clicking will un-highlight ALL the entries in the list.

Comment 3

3 years ago
Aw, shoot, sorry, you are right - ctrl-click was the trick. My apologies
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