If a user creates an account for Sync and closes about:accounts before she verifies her email, open the sync pref pane after she verifies her email address




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3 years ago
Related to Bug 1189842, which navigates about:accounts to the Sync preferences pane after the user logs into Sync, but the solution in Bug 1189842 requires the user's email to be verified and about:accounts to still be open.

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3 years ago
Thoughts on this idea Ryan?
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See Also: → bug 1189842
Two weeks of intensive reading and analysis and I still don't understand what you're saying. Is this relevant if we are deprecating about accounts?
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3 years ago
Ryan, I hope we clarified today that we mean different things when we say "about:accounts". I mean "that page that hosts the FxA iframe that they user logs into". 

We also discussed today that how we engage the user after she verifies her account needs some broader treatment from you, so let's wait and see.
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I have a proof of concept of this which is related to Fennec work that I did for [1].

[1] - https://github.com/mozilla/fxa-content-server/issues/3140
Assignee: nobody → stomlinson
Proof of concept turned into a PR at [1]. The core question mentioned in that PR remains - should the user see the FxA "you are verified!" screen and be required to click a "Sync preferences" button to open "about:accounts#sync", or should this occur automatically?

[1] - https://github.com/mozilla/fxa-content-server/pull/3265

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3 years ago
My preference would be that:

If the verification link is opened in the same browser that the signup happened, the landing page for the verification like would automatically navigate to about:preferences#sync after the verification is complete.

This has some consequences: 
1) We need to move the "account verified" message to about:preferences#sync.
2) The happy path doesn't show any UI on https://accounts.firefox.com/signup_complete (unless there are errors).
2) We lose the value of the snippet on /signup_complete.

Thoughts rfeeley, stominlson?
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After a chat with Ryan Feeley, I agree with the general goal.

The result of our discussion:

If the user verifies in a 2nd browser with about:accounts open, keep the current behavior and redirect about:accounts to about:preferences#sync. A success message should be shown on about:preferences#sync which is not currently shown.

If the user verifies in the same browser with about:accounts open, the completion tab should redirect to about:preferences#sync where a success message is shown. about:accounts will still show FxA content which will transition to the "You have successfully verified your email" page and a "Sync preferences" button shown. If the user clicks "Sync preferences", the user will be taken to about:preferences#sync.

If the user verifies in the same browser after closing about:accounts, the completion tab should redirect to about:preferences#sync where a success message is shown.
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Removing the self-assignment due to lack of time.


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