Implement a way to disable some add-ons and restart the process for looking for an incompatible add-on




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3 years ago
3 years ago


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When I work on Army of Awesome, I see a lot of users who see buggy behavior of Firefox UI but it's not reproduced in safe-mode. In such case, for looking for a buggy add-on, they need to disable all add-ons first, and then, enable an add-on and restart Firefox repeatedly.

However, if the number of installed add-ons is too many, it's hard to do that.

I'd like to suggest that add-on manager should help that with bisect algorithm. After restart with enabled add-ons, add-on manager should ask whether the issue is still there or not. (If it's crashed, it should assume that there is the issue) Then, add-on manager should restart and enable half of the other add-ons when the issue isn't there. Otherwise, add-on manager should restart disables half of the enabled add-ons.
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